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The Lord of the Rings -  Enya - May It Be ,HD
18 May 2020
The Lord of the Rings - Enya - May It Be ,HD
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The Lord of the Rings [ AUDIOBOOK ] Prologue * relax asmr sleep *

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Welcome to the Prologue from J.R.R. Tolkien's epic trilogy "The Lord of the Rings", first published in 1954, being read here by myself, Steven Garnett [ to skip the intro click here: 1:08 ]

#TheLordOfTheRings #Audiobook #JRRTolkien #relax #ASMR #sleep #LOTR

NOTE - this is a reupload from my original 'Steven Garnett' channel. Since then the prologue and chapters 1-5 have been compiled as a Part 1 here:
and chapters 6-12 as a Part 2 here:

*** I would be delighted to read your thoughts about the piece, in terms of style and what it brings to you ***

+ My purpose is to soothe, entertain, calm and generally provide relaxation to anyone. I believe that a bed-time story should not just be for children, and I hope that at heart at least we all remain as children; learning and enjoying the world with an open-mind and a kind aura. Listening to someone read can for myself be a wonderful experience, lulling me in to a sense of calm and security, and removing distractions or troubles in a moment.

+ So, let this reading guide you into a peaceful sleep, keep you company on a daily commute, accompany your reading of the book or bring you peace and pleasure at any time of the day or night.

+ I am an avid viewer of many ASMR channels on YouTube, and have been for many years now. My reading of stories to benefit others, as well as provide much satisfaction for myself, has certainly been influenced by the wonderful ASMR community that has steadily grown.

[Note] This recording was made using simple equipment which will be improved with community support. For anyone that has listened to my original uploads reading The Hobbit, then you will already notice a huge improvement in audio quality. I want these readings to be a professional as possible for you, and so still want to further improve my microphone, potentially add video, and invest in better software.[]

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*** Thank you for listening! ***

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The Lord of the Rings -  Enya - May It Be ,HD
18 May 2020
The Lord of the Rings - Enya - May It Be ,HD
Movie · 0 Zobrazení